TŪNIQ is a North African design label championing radical labor ethics and the art of traditional handwork in a time of mass production. Rejecting the commodification of humanity, the label upholds the sanctity of human dignity, labor, and God's earth through its transparent, shared-profits cooperative with its workers and through its online refuge for decolonial ethicists, The Oasis Journal. The label's style ethos is driven by crafting timeless items that are inspired by the Maghreb, with a political and spiritual essence.

TALIBA XII The Asymmetric Cloak


A versatile, minimalist and structured piece with wide sleeves and a subtle drape that can be pulled tight in a sophisticated crossover or left hanging for a more casual look. It...

TALIBA XIII The Tailored Cloak

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A long cloak in a natural grey which elevates any everyday or sophisticated look. The subtle drape leads into an overlapping front lined by a seamless folded edge which was delicately hand-stitched....

TALIBA XIV The Airy Vest


A sleeveless piece featuring a classic shawl collar, two deep exterior pockets and two interior pockets. The lovely drape can be left open or folded over to create the desired...

Handwoven Sidi Bou Zid Shawl


This shawl, which can double as a throw, was locally sheared, washed, brushed, hand-spun, and hand-woven. It has all the delightful texture of a truly artisanal product, allowing you to...

TALIBA II The Collared Trench Coat


This versatile Trench is several coats in one. Buttoned-up and with the belt, it is the picture of classic elegance and harkens to 1960s Hollywood. Remove the belt and begin...

TALIBA III The Double-Breasted Coat


The hand-loomed lapel on this coat was delicately shaped and stitched by hand. The showstopper breast and sleeve buttons were handmade by a copper artisan and dipped in gold. They were...

TALIBA XI The Double-Breasted Blazer


The hand-loomed lapel on this blazer was delicately stitched and shaped by hand. The blazer features two paneled exterior pockets and two similarly deep interior pockets. A light wool blazer with a relaxed drape,...

TALIBA X The Fitted Blazer


A long, fitted blazer made with a flattering, but modest silhouette in mind. It features a single waist button and two hidden interior pockets. The shawl collar on this blazer was delicately...

TALIBA IX The Collared Blazer


This blazer features an oversized stiff collar, a hidden panel of mother-of-pearl buttons, subtly widening sleeves, as well as two exterior pockets and two deep interior pockets. Pairs with TALIBA VII...

TALIBA VII The Pleated Pencil Skirt


Fit for casual and formal environments, this pencil skirt allows for a straight pencil cut while creating movement through an elegant kick pleat in the back. A small pocket in the back seam...

Woven Palm Touzeur Bag


Hand-woven from carefully selected palm leaves of the highest quality, this all-natural bag can carry everything you need with style. It channels the spirit of Touzeur, an oasis city in...

Qufa Bag


Inspired by the traditional Qufa or woven market bag of North Africans, this bag feature a flat bottom, two long, hand-braided handles and a covering which slips over the handles for easy...

Oversized Shawl | Grey Block Weave

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This shawl, which can double as a throw, was locally sheared, washed, brushed, hand-spun, and hand-woven on a traditional wooden loom. It has all the delightful texture of a truly artisanal...

TŪNIQ Gift Card

From $25.00

We hope this card helps you gift the perfect surprise to your friend or family member who appreciates ethical and artisanal clothes and home goods. Feel free to reach out to us to...

Nabeul Open Front Gown

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This piece is a twist on a classic Tunisian garment, the barnous from the city of Nabeul, which is a hooded full-length robe worn on special occasions, particularly by brides. The...

Thin Wool Kadroun Cloak


This Kadroun cloak is made from handwoven hayek fabric, which is known as a tradition of the historic city of Qairouan. Much lighter and more flexible, this fabric results in a more versatile, breathable...

Eid Gift Basket | For Her

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This Eid Gift Basket offers a curated selection of our best selling ethical and all-natural items for the ones dear to your heart.  This lineup of pieces comes hand-wrapped in a...