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From Sheep to Shop: How its MADE

TŪniq: restoring blessing to an ancient trade


We founded TŪNIQ for one reason: to reverse the harms of global capitalism on local workers and artisans. Our rural artisans set their own prices, work from their homes, own their means of production, and receive a share of the profits their hands created. TŪNIQ hopes to model a different way of trading which creates benefits and blessings for all.

Meet the Artisans


We hope to offer a home for all those seeking a refuge from the destruction of modern economic systems. To that end, we've created The Oasis Journal, in the hopes of generating sacred anticapitalist thought, conversation, and coordinated action towards an economic system that preserves the sanctity of labor, human dignity, & God's Earth.

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The global garment industry is rife with externalized harm and violence inflicted on the environment, our bodies, and our souls. We eliminate such harm by creating our own supply chain & avoiding destructive industrial and commercial methods. From our reliance on wool from local free-range sheep to our use of organic plant dyes to our focus on anti-consumerist materials online, we let indigenous traditions guide our ethical production.

Our Ethics