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TŪniq: a new kind of trade


We founded TŪNIQ for one reason: to reverse the harms of global capitalism on local workers and artisans. Our rural craftswomen are paid high wages and are able to work from their homes and on their own schedules. Approximately 50% of revenue goes directly into their hands, and that is before they get their share of the profits back, as well. Not only do we share profits, but we also share their stories with you in video features and on every TŪNIQ piece you buy. And we ask that you share photos in your pieces when you can, so the laborers can proudly see how far around the world their work has traveled.

Meet the Artisans


We are Tunisian women, working with rural craftswomen to create original designs that draw from our own traditions (i.e. no cultural appropriation here, friends). We travel all over North Africa, from the coastline to the southern desert, exploring villages and finding out the unique traditional crafts that each community holds. Working together with our artisans, we come up with designs that incorporate their traditions into a modern wearable piece with a North African aesthetic. Our designs are inspired by North African traditions and embroidered by North African hands. 

About Us

Theory of business

Too often, businesses create externalized harm to either their workers, their customers, the wider society, the earth, or all of the above. We wouldn't want to run this business if we were harming anyone. We, therefore, try to ensure that every detail of our work, from the sourcing of hand-woven fabrics, made with organic materials and dyes, to the way we share our story and products online, is purely beneficial to our workers, our clients, and the world. We aim to preserve the sanctity of human dignity, labor, and of God's earth. If you have any ideas for how we can improve, we want to hear them!

Our Ethics

The Oasis Journal

Seek Refuge from the Modern Desert

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We accept guest contributions on any topic related to social and political theory on labor, women, environmental justice, capitalism, consumption, alienation, neo-liberalism, colonialism, soullessness, cooperative living, North African culture and history, i.e. anything, big or small, generally related to our mission to create a refuge for escape from modernity and the creation of a new, more just world. If you have an idea, please get in touch with us and we can discuss and work it out together! 

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Meet the artisans

See our spotlight features on each artisan who has generously agreed to share their stories with you.

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