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TŪniq: restoring blessing to an ancient trade


We founded TŪNIQ for one reason: to reverse the harms of global capitalism on local workers and artisans. Our rural artisans set their own prices, work from their homes and own their own means of production, and receive a portion of the profits their hands created.  We also share their stories with you when they generously agree to teach us. TŪNIQ hopes to model a different way of trading which creates benefits and blessings for all. Join us in this!

Meet the Artisans


We are Tunisian women, working with rural artisans to create original designs that draw from our own traditions. We hope to restore the dignity and value of traditional crafts which have lasted for centuries, yet are disappearing and too often valued only as gimmicks. Indigenous crafts and traditions have much to teach us about the material world and our selves, if we will humble ourselves to receive this wisdom. We also hope to share this mission more widely with like-minded friends who seek a moral global economy which cherishes the sacred. To that end, we publish thought pieces and organize towards our goals in community through The Oasis Journal (see Oasis, above).

About Us

Ethical production

Too often, businesses create externalized harm to their workers, their customers, the wider society, and the earth. We eliminate such harm by creating our own supply chain from start to finish and ensuring every single step of production is in line with our values: all the way from the treatment of local free-roaming sheep to the use of organic herb and plant dyes on our fibers to the focus on non-consumerist language and product-centric materials online. Avoiding destructive industrial and commercial methods, we let indigenous traditions guide our sustainable production, holding ourselves to hitherto unseen standards of ethics. We hope to preserve the sanctity of human dignity, labor, and God's earth and to return blessing to the ancient act of trading.

Our Ethics

The Oasis Journal

A Refuge for Sacred Anticapitalist Thought, Community, and Growth

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We seek to have an online presence based around more than just the trade of quality goods. The Oasis Journal is an online community, a refuge from modernity and a movement around shared values: labor justice, degrowth, and sacred activism. We accept guest contributions on any topic related to our mission. If you have an idea, please get in touch with us and we can collaborate.

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Meet the makers

See our spotlight features on each artisan who has generously agreed to share their stories with you.

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