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Please note that all clothing pre-orders will be put in production after August the 1st.

Regenerative Fashion From Sheep to Shop.

Welcome to Our Carbon-Negative, Shared-Profits Cooperative Crafting:Shop

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Minimalist Design, Inspired by Islamic Ethics & Aesthetics,learn more about how we are re-imagining economic justice
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Kind Words

"I received my order today. Zero plastic packaging, beautifully wrapped, the garments are thoughtfully designed. The handwritten note was a sweet touch. The gold standard of ethical fashion. May all fashion companies follow your lead"


"You're one of the few minarets in the dark industry ... Know that you have a heart casting prayers for you from a corner in this world. God bless all that you are and all that you do!"

Kind Supporter

"I just recieved my rug in the mail and I'm so excited to pray to our Lord on an ethically made rug that is anti-fast fashion. I feel like I can now put my face to a material with a cleaner conscious. Barak Allah Feekum"

Kind Supporter

"The rugs are soooo soft!!! I was really worried about the size but they're perfect!! So Amazing. And I love the loose weaves of the scarf, so magical!

Kind Supporter

"[Tuniq] is so thoughtful and just the perfect blend of aesthetics, practicality, and ethics."


From Sheep to Shop: The Creation Journey

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