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Welcome to the Oasis

"The Oasis Journal: A Refuge from the Desert" is putting out an open call for essays, poetry, or visual art related to the broad theme of "Imagining Justice After the Crisis," particularly as it relates to the Global South.
The journal is a project on sacred anti-capitalism interested in development from a de-colonial and communitarian perspective, which values traditional forms of craft, labor, and agrarianism and seeks to create a path forward outside of capitalism, consumerism, and commodification/alienation. We hope to marry anti-materialist perspectives on the world with activism towards labor justice and post-capitalism. We know so many of you also believe in such a world. We want to share your vision with others and bring those like us together.
Submissions are now open for quick release on the above topic, or for Issue II scheduled for September, 2020.
Issue I can be read here.
The mission statement of the Journal can be read here.