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The Wool Care Kit


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All the natural tools you need to preserve the life of your organic unprocessed wool items, gathered in one kit for you with an instructional guide on indigenous wool care traditions.

The kit includes: 

  • Handmade olive oil soap to hand-wash delicate wool items
  • Wooden brush with natural bristles to de-pill and clean your garments
  • Organic Incense to smoke over wool, protect it, and repel moths
  • Short printed guide to Indigenous Wool Care

Organic unprocessed wool differs from commercial wool because it does not contain synthetic chemical treatments. These treatments are meant to pre-soften, repel moths, synthetically fire-retard, and more. However, many of these treatments, which contact our skin and pollute our waterways, are carcinogenic and toxic. When properly cared for, wool obtains all these properties naturally. 

We pray you enjoy and that this kit full of natural, handmade items preserves the beauty of your heirloom wool textiles.