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The Shahada Package


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We are delighted to announce the culmination of a long-awaited project, a collaborative effort between Tuniq and Silsila. Presenting the Shahadatnama crafted by Silsila alongside one of our meticulously hand-loomed prayer rugs.

  • The Shahadatnama transcends mere paperwork, embodying a sincere testament of faith and a profound declaration of belief, commemorating the pivotal moment of Shahada. It serves as a treasured keepsake for new Muslims, symbolizing their spiritual metamorphosis.

  • The Dawn and The Dusk prayer rug, painstakingly woven stitch by stitch, becomes a lifelong companion for the devout, evolving into a sacred haven where one connects with the Divine, offering prayers with utmost reverence and gratitude.

Our Shahada Package, comprising the Shahada certificate and a hand-loomed prayer rug, is now available on our website, serving as a poignant gesture or a meaningful gift for reverting friends, honoring their divine journey.