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Alim Barnous Cloak


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Traditionally, each person would have only one finely-made Barnous which would last their lifetime and be inherited by their children. This Barnous is made in that spirit. With care, it can last decades with everyday wear. Each use will soften and lighten the fibers, only increasing its value and the elegance of its drape. The traditional Barnous can be worn two ways: draped around the neck with the hood hanging back or placed over the head, hood up, with the two long sides wrapped around one's shoulders. For everyday wear, the first method is preferred. For very low temperatures when one desires that no cold should be able to enter upon them, the second method will serve one best. 

- 100% un-dyed dark grey shepherd's sheep wool

- Handwoven, cut, and stitched from 10 meters of fabric by Riyadh and his sons from Jerba. 

- Hand wash or dry clean only. Read this guide to caring for wool for more information.

- Profits are shared with workers. Learn more about TŪNIQ here

This product is now made to order. Please expect 2-6 weeks for production.