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Talib XIII

Regular price$325.00 Sale price

Talib XIII

Regular price$325.00 Sale price
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Drawing on classic North African design elements, such as slit embellished sleeves and high stiff collars, this coat combines modern silhouette design with traditional techniques. The edges are all embellished with hand-braided Bershman threads, a traditional North African technique which requires two artisans working in unison to braid and carefully attach the wool threads along the entire edge of this piece as well as embellish Berber motifs along the sides, pockets, and sleeves. The coat has two pockets on either side as well as interior pockets. The side panel closure has hidden buttons running along the entire edge. It has a fully lined interior while the exterior is woven from local, un-dyed grey sheep's wool by master Jerban weaver Riyadh on a traditional wooden loom. With time, it will only soften and increase in quality and value. 

Small stock now available. Entirely handmade with local materials by autonomous artisans in cooperation.

For custom sizing, please enquire at this form.

Compostable Packaging

We hand-package all orders in custom recycled and 100% backyard-compostable wrapping.

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We subsidize fast global shipping rates, ranging from $6.99 - $19.99 for the largest packages.

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Inclusive Design

We created our own sizing chart and silhouette models to cater to sizes and proportions too often ignored. Find that here.