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The Double-Breasted Coat | T.III


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The hand-loomed lapel on this coat was delicately shaped and stitched by hand. The showstopper breast and sleeve buttons were handmade by a copper artisan and dipped in gold. They were modeled after old Ottoman coins, and the phrase "King of kings" is etched onto their surface. The coat features two paneled exterior pockets and two similarly deep interior pockets. A heavy wool coat with a structured drape, it is intended to protect the wearer from any cold in the most beautiful way for many years.

• Buttons are hand-fashioned pure gilded copper.

• 100% Hand-loomed and un-dyed local raw wool with a lovely brushed finish.

• Lining is 100% cotton from dead-stock weaves repurposed to reduce waste.

• Please consult our custom sizing chart to understand our sizing. Please note that our sizes depart from the wider fashion industry's to reflect more average women's sizes and body proportions. We strongly recommend reviewing the sizing chart and considering sizing down 1-2 sizes for our pieces or being aware of potential local tailoring costs that may be necessary

• If your size is not represented on the ends of our spectrum, please get in touch. We can send the closest size as well as extra fabric that can be used to tailor the piece to your perfect fit!

This piece was made entirely by hand from the raw wool of local free-range sheep by artisans who set their own prices and own their means of production. No processing, dyeing, or finishing chemicals of any kind were used. The wool fibers were washed thoroughly with water and otherwise left to their natural longevity and protective properties. You can read more about our ethics here. A detailed breakdown of the costs which went into our new collection can be found here.

Quantity is very limited. If sold-out, please sign up to be notified when back in stock or email us, we may be able to make pieces to order.