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The Embellished Structured Sweater 2.0 | Talib V


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Inspired by the Kadroun of Southern Tunisia, this tunic features a deep neck and three deep, hidden pockets tucked into the neckline and the seams of either side for a simple but practical garment for today’s Seeker. It is made of all-natural, hand-woven wool spun on a traditional wooden loom by expert craftsman Riyadh in the Southern North African island of Jerba. The seams were hand-braided and embroidered with the traditional Bershman braiding technique typical of Southern Tunisia. The technique requires two artisans, working in unison, to hold either side of the wool threads as they braid and attach them to this piece. 

Entirely handmade with local materials by autonomous artisans in cooperation.

NOTE: this piece has been updated and improved with a new design (the video is not reflective of the current design):

  • The length of the bottom hem has been extended by 15 cm 
  • The v-neck has also been extended
  • The fabric has been updated to a superior all wool blend
  • New colors have been introduced