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The Linen Jebba and Vest Set - Classic White


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Made from the highest quality Belgian linen, this Jebba harkens back to the classic summer dress of Tunisian men for centuries. This minimalist Jebba features a half-open front with wide sleeves in the classic Tunisian style and is entirely hand-stitched and embroidered in a process that takes weeks. Worn with the inside "farmla" vest, which features two inner pockets, it is unmistakably formal, lending an air of dignity to the wearer. Worn without the vest, however, it adds simple elegance to any button-down and trousers combination. Truly an heirloom piece that will last years to come.

100% Fine Belgian Linen

Entirely Hand-stitched and Hand-embroidered without the use of any machines by master Jebba makers in Testour, Tunisia

Hand wash or dry clean only.

Profits are shared with workers. Learn more about TŪNIQ here

Note: This is the product listing for the Jebba and Vest set.

For the Jebba, see here.

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