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Plant-Dyed Walnut Rug


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Pray to the Creator on His creation. 

  • 100% pure raw wool from free-range small-scale flocks
  • Labels are 100% cotton made with laser printing and sewn on by hand.
  • Plant-dyed using organic onion skins and other local wild roots.

These rugs were spun, dyed, and woven by hand by North African artisans in their homes and on their own schedules. We offer them with an intention to prompt reflection on the production and materials of prayer rugs around the world, which are unfortunately too often produced in exploitative conditions and of pollutive materials. We also sought a design that would facilitate focus and calm in prayer. The rugs can also be repurposed as general home decor. The size of each color block and the shades of walnut vary from rug to rug.

Four layers of naturally-elastic wool provide soft cushioning for a comfortable and supported prayer.

You can watch a dyeing demonstration here.

The rugs are about 68 cm wide and 122 cm long.