We are thrilled to showcase moments featuring the Talib Asymmetric Cloak along with the Talib Tailored Cloak, a recent addition to our Talib collection.
A work of passion, this project is finally seeing the light, especially following the numerous requests we  received over the years to come out with a men’s version

The entire process, from conceptualization to the actual shoot, has been a fulfilling journey for us. This marks our inaugural attempt to refine and elevate our quality standards, aiming to not only meet but exceed your expectations staying authentic to our visions and values throughout this creative endeavor.

The Asymmetric Cloak is crafted in a subtle walnut shade from natural lamb's wool colors, this piece boasts a minimalist and structured design. With wide sleeves and a subtle drape, it can be elegantly pulled tight for a crossover or left hanging for a more casual look. The cloak features two exterior pockets and two deep interior pockets for added functionality.⁠

The Tailored Cloak comes in a natural grey which elevates any everyday or sophisticated look. The subtle drape leads into an overlapping front lined by a seamless folded edge which was delicately hand-stitched. It features two hidden side pockets on the exterior and two deep interior pockets.

Each detail, carefully crafted and thoughtfully stitched tells a story of commitment to keep our efforts as sustainable as possible.⁠