This collection has been over two years in the making. First, we had to build our own local cooperative supply chain. You can read about that and our ethics here

 As for the design of this collection, from the beginning we hoped it would be wearable and beautiful workwear that quietly embodied our values and an ethos of beauty in essence and aesthetic, for nothing made in violence or degradation can be truly beautiful.

Several priorities were important to us in modeling each piece, apart from the ethics of their manufacturing. First, we wanted a versatile and diverse collection that provided something for everyone, while remaining classic, neutral, and long-lasting in style and color. Second, we wanted to create our own sizing charts to break away from the strict narrow body proportions catered to by the fashion industry. You'll find this collection a home for women with wider hips and thighs and those who prefer a more comfortable fit. Finally, we wanted the final pieces to carry the work of artisanal craftsmanship quietly. In other words, the quality rivals and surpasses any luxury brand in the world, without letting you know the secrets of its small-scale and painstaking production.

No stone was left unturned, from creating our own copper buttons and belt buckles to laser printing our clothing labels. You've never seen artisanal like this before.

Please watch the below short video for an intimate look into our painstaking design and production process!