After months of working with Kawthar, Hannane, and Olfa on the pilot collection, we are so proud to finally share it with everyone! Yesterday, we had our first sale! It's an amazing feeling to share this work with others, and we pray that Tuniq is able to bring the benefit to Tunisian women and to the world that we are working towards. Indeed, this is why we decided to launch our pilot collection on the first day of international Fashion Revolution week!

Now we get into the nitty gritty! We have to package and ship our first two orders to fulfill them! We'll be including hand-written postcards from Tunis that will give more info about the pieces that our first two customers have just ordered: who worked on them, how they were made, how to take care of them, what the "women's word" on the label means, and also, importantly, a special request for our customers to give us feedback and share photos of themselves in the clothes so Kawthar, Hannane, and Olfa can see how far their work has travelled around the world! 

This aspect is particularly important to us, because of this quote from Marx who asks as to think about how economic structures change the consciousness of the laborer in relation to their labor:

[In exploitative capitalism, the worker] does not fulfill himself in his work but denies himself, has a feeling of misery rather than well-being, does not develop freely his mental and physical energies but is physically exhausted and mentally debased. The worker, therefore, feels himself at home only during his leisure time, whereas at work he feels homeless. His work is not voluntary but imposed, forced labor. It is not the satisfaction of a need, but only a means for satisfying other needs”

-Marx, Manuscripts p. 15

For this reason, we want to make sure that our craftswomen aren't completely cut off from the products of their labor once they leave them, but that they can still see how far around the world their work has travelled and how much their customers love them.


Please share your feedback as well! Which pilot pieces do you think are the most beautiful? Did you catch our family members posing as models in the photos for our pilot campaign?