TŪNIQ Guide to Chechia Sizing

Blessedly, chechias (shashiya) come in a wide range of sizes, helped by the complicated handmade process they go through, and figuring out your perfect size is very simple. Just follow this guide.


First, here is a general guide to let you know whereabout your size should probably fall!

53-55: Children & Small headed adults

56-7: For those with average head-sizes 

58-9: For those with heads slightly above average

60+: For those with XL head sizes


Now let's get into measuring!

 Step 1) Get something to measure the circumference of your head with.

A measuring tape will of course work best, as you can simply wrap it around and instantly get a measurement. But if you don’t have one, you can use any string or string-like item (even a pair of headphones will work) and just add one more step to get your measurement.


Step 2) Gently wrap your string around your head as shown below.

Do not wrap too tightly or press down curly hair too much, as the chechia must be able to gently fit over voluminous hair, as well.

chechia hat sizing how to get your hat size tunisian clothing tuniq


Step 3) Hold the ends and remove the string.

Hold the point where the ends of the string touch and gently remove it from your head, taking care not to lose the ends of the string in your hand. 

 how to measure your hat size with a string


Step 4) Measure the string.

Lay the string down flat and measure the distance between the two points with a ruler. Make sure to measure in centimeters or look up the conversion of your metric. 

how to measure your chechia hat size tuniq guide

If you don’t have a ruler, you can use the ruler edge of a notebook or even a ruler app on your phone or ipad. If all else fails, look up the dimensions of your phone and count how many lengths of your phone the string is. Voila! The cm measurement of your string from where the two ends met is your chechia size!