Ethically made of veg-tanned leather from local free-range sheep & goats, our leather pieces offer an alternative to the carcinogenic chromium-tanned leather of today while providing a functional and minimalist design. They are made within our sheep to shop cooperative by independent North African tanners and tailors in their homes and on their own schedules, using traditional & regenerative crafts. Profits are shared within our cooperative.

Our pieces are made of small-batch veg-tanned leather which was preserved using tree bark and lime treatments. It has otherwise been left unprocessed and un-dyed, except with natural dyes. As such, with age and sun exposure your leather will naturally change color and become darker. It is important to preserve the suppleness of the leather by treating it occasionally with organic oils. It is also natural for this leather to show grain, spots, and even scars. This shows that the leather is 100% genuine and that it comes from free-range animals who wandered & lived in their marked-up skin before the hides were tanned.

If your leather piece gets dirty, it is best to spot clean gently with a mixture of natural soap and water. Afterwards, be sure to air dry quickly. If your leather item gets wet, don’t fret, just clean off any residue and let the piece air dry without delay.

To care for your new piece, store in a cool dry place, away from sun & dust exposure and without wrinkling the leather. Many find that a cloth bag is useful for this purpose. With proper care, leather items will last for generations.