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Thin Wool Kadroun Cloak

Regular price$85.00 Sale price

Thin Wool Kadroun Cloak

Regular price$85.00 Sale price

This Kadroun cloak is made from handwoven hayek fabric, which is known as a tradition of the historic city of Qairouan. Much lighter and more flexible, this fabric results in a more versatile, breathable Kadroun (compared to The Thick Wool Kadroun) for everyday and more mild weather climates. As always, side slits allow access to your trouser pockets, and a hidden breast pocket, with enough room to fit a book, allows for quick and secure access to your essentials. 

This piece is made by Riyadh and his sons from Djerba. It comes in a standard length of 1'35 m and waist diameter of 80 cm.


100% Shepherd's Sheep Wool

Ethically handmade in Tunisia

Hand wash or dry clean only. Read this guide to caring for wool for more information.

Profits are shared with workers. Learn more about TŪNIQ here


Compostable Packaging

We hand-package all orders in custom recycled and 100% backyard-compostable wrapping.

Worldwide Shipping

We subsidize fast global shipping rates, ranging from $6.99 - $19.99 for the largest packages.

You can expect your order in under 2 weeks most of the time.

Inclusive Design

We created our own sizing chart and silhouette models to cater to sizes and proportions too often ignored. Find that here.