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Nabeul Open Front Gown

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Nabeul Open Front Gown

Regular price$110.00 Sale price
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This piece is a twist on a classic Tunisian garment, the barnous from the city of Nabeul, which is a hooded full-length robe worn on special occasions, particularly by brides. The same material, hand-woven hayek, and embroidery style, criss-cross tell pattern, are used in this piece to create a more wearable open-front piece. Hayek and tell are tell-tale [ ;P ] traditions from Nabeul in this particular style - although tell is also used in traditional styles from other cities - easily recognized by all Tunisians as the specialty of that city. 

 100% Wool

Ethically handmade in Tunisia by Hannane and Olfa.

Hand wash or dry clean only. Read this guide to caring for wool for more information.

Profits are shared with workers. Learn more about TŪNIQ here

Watch the video in the slides to hear Olfa explain how she learned this craft from her grandmother and aunts and how she did the amazing hand-embroidery on the Nabeul jacket!


Note: This piece is a one-size, loose garment which can be worn as-is or with a belt.

Because of the quality and delicacy of the hand-woven wool fabric (hayek), we recommend dry cleaning or hand-washing this piece to preserve its integrity and longevity. We sourced this fabric from a traditional hand-weaver in Qairouan. 

Compostable Packaging

We hand-package all orders in custom recycled and 100% backyard-compostable wrapping.

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You can expect your order in under 2 weeks most of the time.

Inclusive Design

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