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The Mini Dawn Rug


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The Mini Dawn Rug, a smaller version of the Dawn Rug, is our newest ethically-made prayer rug, now for your little ones.

We offer these rugs with an intention to prompt reflection on the production and materials of prayer rugs around the world. We also sought a minimalist Kaʿba design that would facilitate focus and calm in prayer. Four layers of naturally-elastic wool provide soft cushioning for a comfortable and supported prayer.

We also hope the design, as well as the manufacturing and materials, fits your children well and aids in facilitating focus and peace in prayer. 

The rugs are about 52 cm wide and 100 cm long.

These rugs were spun and woven on a traditional loom by hand by North African artisans in their homes and on their own schedules. You can watch an interview with Ryadh, who wove these rugs, here. A video of how the rugs are painstakingly woven can be seen here.