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Chechia Hats – Plant-dyed


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For Chechia Hats, please see our sizing guide here.

Plant-dyed chechia hats are made of 100% wool and are dyed entirely by hand using colors carefully extracted from natural herbs. Chechia hats are made through a six-step process that has been passed down from generations, from knitting to ironing to molding. After years of experience and careful experimentation with plant dyes, we are proud to make the chechia-making process even more sustainable and to produce chechias that are consistent with our values of respect for the sanctity of human dignity, labor and God's earth.

The Chechias are 100% Wool & 100% Plant-dyed and come in three colors: Red, Brown and Green.

Ethically handmade in Tunisia by seven different skilled artisans with specialized crafts and plant dying. 

Hand wash or dry clean only. Read this guide to caring for wool for more information.

Profits are shared with workers. Learn more about our ethics at TŪNIQ here

Sizing: sizes are measured in cm circumference of the inside of the hats. Please read this brief guide to chechia sizing if you are unsure of your measurements.