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Talib XII

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Talib XII

Regular price$247.00 Sale price
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Please note that our sizing charts are made according to our custom patterns and size proportions. We chose to do the difficult work of creating our own size patterns and body proportions in order to accommodate body shapes often left out of commercial clothing & fast fashion, particularly thicker thighs, wider hips, and narrower waists. Any comparison to standard commercial sizes is approximate and meant to be a general guide. Please check the actual measurements provided for accuracy.
For Chechia Hats, please see our sizing guide here.

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For the women's pilot collection, including the Nabeul gown and Tataouine Tunics, see below. 

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Inspired by the classic Jerban Kadroun, Talib XII offers a more modern silhouette which flatters the shoulders while remaining comfortable and loose-fitting. The hand-braided Bershman embellishments require the work of two artisans working in unison to braid and attach each wool thread together along the entire edge of this piece, as well as embellish Berber motifs around the sleeves and pockets. It features a deep hidden pocket in the neckline, as well as two classic hybrid pockets on either side of the piece which have a divider between the pocket and the opening, allowing a dual function of extra pocket space while still allowing access to one's inside trouser pockets. It is made from local un-dyed sheep's wool on a traditional wooden loom by master weaver Riyadh from Jerba. Pair with Talib I as an undershirt, Talib III trousers, and a brown Chechia Hat. It carries an air of simple elegance for any formal occasion.

Small stock now available. Entirely handmade with local materials by autonomous artisans in cooperation.

For custom sizing, please enquire at this form.

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Inclusive Design

We created our own sizing chart and silhouette models to cater to sizes and proportions too often ignored. Find that here.