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Eid Gift Box

Regular price$135.00 Sale price$195.00

Eid Gift Box

Regular price$135.00 Sale price$195.00

This Eid Gift Box offers a curated selection of our summer best sellers in ethical and all-natural items for the ones dear to your heart. 

This lineup of pieces comes in a gift-wrapped compostable box. We'll also include a handwritten message from you to your loved ones, written on an exclusive Eid card design which depicts the art of Islamicate painter, Safia Latif. The card can be kept as a souvenir and framed on a wall. It depicts her renowned painting, "Prayer on a Plantation," acrylic on canvas, printed with her kind permission.

The box contains seven items:

  • Woven Palm Basket $22 | This decorative basket provides lovely storage for kitchens and pantries, as well as around the house, and can serve as display, storage, or a cute on-the-go purse -- handwoven by Bushra, the artisan, in the oasis city of Touzeur.
  • Mystery Plant-dyed Rug $98 | One of our plant-dyed prayer rugs in block-weave with vibrant shades drawn from fig leaves, onion skins, madder root, iron nails, and more local organic ingredients. The rugs were woven made on a traditional loom by Riyadh from his home workshop in Jerba, 
  • Woven palm round mat $12 | handwoven placemat or heat mat from Bushra's home workshop in Touzeur to your table
  • *Gift Card $20 | A printed souvenir gift card designed for this Eid package will be printed and included with a unique link in your box
  • *Leather Cardholder $22 | Veg-tanned un-dyed leather hand-cut and sewn with cotton thread into this beautiful TŪNIQ-designed luxury cardholder, small enough to carry easily in any pocket.
  • *TUNIQ x SAFIA LATIF Eid Mubarak card $10 | Souvenir artistic card with a handwritten message from you (or left blank for your own use)! 
  • *Organic incense pouch $10 | Prepared in small batches with local ingredients for you to burn and celebrate the joyous day of Eid with your beloveds!

A total value of $195 sold at just $135

*Items exclusive to the Eid Gift Box 

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