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Am I the right person to do this?

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I first had this idea years ago. After the revolution in Tunisia, I knew unemployment, especially for women, was an enormous problem. I also knew from my personal experience how easy and fun it was to take fabric to a traditional seamstress with a vision for an outfit and to see the final result take form under her skilled hands. I thought these two ideas could come together to create something really beneficial to Tunisian women, but I just didn't feel I was the right person to do that. I saw it as a great way to solve a social need, but I thought to myself, "you're not an entrepreneur, you're an activist, you have no business starting a small business." 

I spoke with my mom and my sister about the idea. And I was inspired by their reactions, and by the countless other social enterprises around ethical clothing that I found around the world after doing a little digging. 

So now, I'm taking this step. I have a concept, a team, and a name. And now: a website to centralize it all. I will be updating these blogs with our progress over the next few months. I hope you all will join the journey to see how we grow from a concept, to a full organization that reflects our central values in all our decision-making. And hopefully, you'll be the first people to own our clothing, and you'll feel proud knowing what went into it and how you're helping to support rural Tunisian craftswomen while also getting clothes that are modest, beautiful, and affordable.

Let's make it happen!

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